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About the server:
Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Part 17
Experience Rate: x10
ML Experience Ratio: 10%
Drop Rate: 30%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 400
Max Stats: 32000
Mu Helper: From 1st level
Guild Creation: 350 level
Max number of players in guild: 20
Max guild alliance count: 3
Elf Helper up to: 25 reset
Max Reset: 100
Max grand reset: 10
Max 3 accounts from one IP
MG-DL-RF available from: Level 1

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Server Info

VersionSeason 6
Total Accounts293
Total Characters382
Total Guilds10
Online Users26

Top Level+

BingoFist Master414
StarsHigh Elf413
MixaLord Emperor412
MohamedDark Lord400
ShkodnikDark Lord400
WinterBlade Knight400
TRANSMuse Elf400
KeeFearRage Fighter400
BestPKRage Fighter400