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Characters profession

How to complete your first profession at level 150
How to get your second class transfer at level 220
How to complete the third profession at level 400

Character Skill Tree

Upon reaching level 400, the character has the opportunity to pump additional skills (Skill Tree). A prerequisite is that the character has a 3rd profession. To see a list of the opportunities opened to you, press the "A" key in the game. The skill tree consists of 3 branches. The first is the same for all characters, but the second and third are individual for each class.

For. to open a skill in the tree, you need to download the Master Level, and distribute the Master points obtained for each level to the skill you need. Note! The maximum Master level is 200.Be balanced in your approach to allocating free points. You can reset the master level and allocated points only with the / mlreset command.

Leveling the Master level is available from level 100 monsters, as well as a prize for completing some of the Mu Online quests.

Blade Master Grand Master High Elf Dimension Master Duel Master Lord Emperor First Master


The player can choose from six types of characters: warrior, wizard, elf, magical Gladiator, dark Lord and master of the challenge. The main characteristics of the characters: strength, agility, life and mana (magic power).

Dark Knight

Dark Wizard

Fairy Elf

Dark warrior (Dark Knight) has great power, powerful weapons and skillfully destroys monsters that live on the continent of MU.

Wizard (Dark Wizard) at the beginning of the game a little weaker warrior, but owns spells that cause damage to several monsters at the same time, which greatly accelerates pumping – an undeniable advantage in the world of MuOnline.

Elf (Fairy Elf) can be pumped in one of two directions: agility or energy. The elf pumped with agility she is able, without companions, to gain the level. These elves are valued for using a bow or crossbow to kill monsters at a distance. Elf with pumped energy is much more difficult to obtain a level, but she knows how to treat and enhance other characters, and is indispensable in group battles. It is necessary to pump over in team with the soldier or the magician – you impose on him friendly magic, he shares experience with you.

Master call (Summoner) controls the elements and causes of magical creatures to help him. It also has the unique ability to take the life force of its enemies. Some believe wizards call the female incarnation of magic Gladiator.

All four types of these characters are well balanced among themselves, all about equal advantages and disadvantages to each other. On one MuOnline account (account) you can create several characters. And after you reach a certain level in the game, you will be able to create a magical Gladiator or dark Lord.


Magic Gladiator

Dark Lord

Magic Gladiator (Magic Gladiator) combines almost all the strengths of the magician and warrior. In fact, he was a sorcerer, and a warrior at the same time! But for such an incredible advantage to pay – Gladiator can not wear a helmet. And this means that the armor gives a lower percentage of protection. But this drawback is compensated by the killer attacking power of the character, which makes him a unique character in MU Online.

The dark Lord (Dark Lord) is the master of animals – a Raven and a horse. These magical creatures provide strong support to the Lord in all battles. And they get experience and grow together with their master.