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MU Online

MU Online (Mu Online, Mu Online) – multiplayer online game (MMORPG) has become one of the most popular multiplayer role-playing games in the world. Extensive game world, perfectly realized group quests and memorable music distinguish this game from others.


The player can choose from five types of characters: warrior, wizard, elf, magic Gladiator and dark Lord. The main characteristics of the characters: strength, agility, life and mana (magic power).


Dark warrior (Dark Knight) has great power, powerful weapons and skillfully destroys monsters that live on the continent of MU.

Wizard (Dark Wizard) at the beginning of the game a little weaker warrior, but owns spells that cause damage to several monsters at the same time, which greatly accelerates pumping – an undeniable advantage in the world of MuOnline.

Elf (Fairy Elf) can be pumped in one of two directions: agility or energy. The elf pumped with agility she is able, without companions, to gain the level. These elves are valued for using a bow or crossbow to kill monsters at a distance. Elf with pumped energy is much more difficult to obtain a level, but she knows how to treat and enhance other characters, and is indispensable in group battles. It is necessary to pump over in team with the soldier or the magician – you impose on him friendly magic, he shares experience with you.

All three types of characters are well balanced among themselves, all about equal advantages and disadvantages to each other. On one account (account) you can create several characters. And after you reach a certain level in the game, you will be able to create a magical Gladiator or dark Lord.

Magic Gladiator (Magic Gladiator) combines almost all the strengths of the magician and warrior. In fact, he was a sorcerer, and a warrior at the same time! But for such an incredible advantage to pay – Gladiator can not wear a helmet. And this means that the armor gives a lower percentage of protection. But this drawback is compensated by the killer attacking power of the character, which makes him a unique character in Mu Online.

The dark Lord (Dark Lord) is the master of animals – a Raven and a horse. These magical creatures provide strong support to the Lord in all battles. And they get experience and grow together with their master.

Master call (Summoner) controls the elements and causes of magical creatures to help him. It also has the unique ability to take the life force of its enemies. Some believe wizards call the female incarnation of magic Gladiator.

Game world

The vast world of the mu continent is represented by a variety of maps with unique landscapes. Here and the green expanses of meadows, inhabited by huge insects, and the snowy forest with the Northern predators, and deserts with sand giants and dungeons with skeletons, and the underwater world with mermaids. And when your character in the outfit will have wings, you can climb to the clouds in the heavenly city!


But first you get to a small town or village, depending on what type of character you choose. Warriors and mages begin in Lorencia, and elves begin in a village called Nokia. Here you can buy weapons, clothing and equipment. Outside the village you will find a variety of monsters: from cute little insects to bloodthirsty monsters.


Monsters in the country - it's good, but to get out of the city is not easy. Wrong way out, get into the clutches of a particularly strong monsters and all-resurrected in the city. The good news is that when you die in the game is lost only the experience gained to achieve the next level, and the level itself is not reduced. So the character's death is unpleasant, but not fatal.

PvP system (player vs player)

In MuOnline, you can attack other players (PvP), arranging the whole massacre! But after several murders nickname of the character will become red. The killer (PK) will not go unpunished. First, the murderers can kill "good" players in exchange for hero status. Secondly, the killer at the time of his death may lose one or more things from his inventory and a significant part of the experience gained. Third, PK are deprived of the ability to teleport between cities, which appears after level 50. But despite this, killing each other players common in the world of MU Online. After all, they have something to share – things, experiences, places of hunting and just the glory of the valiant warriors. So the battles take place often and everywhere.



It is enough to spend some time in the game to pay attention to the abundance of sparkling things and weapons. Many characters things alluring gleam or shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

The fact that MU Online was well-represented system upgrade, i.e. improve things. You can improve any thing, just enough to have gems (jewels), which very rarely fall out of the monsters. These stones are so valuable that they are a kind of currency in the game. But stones alone are not enough, you also need luck. Each gem improves the item by one level. The better the thing becomes, the less likely it is that the stone will be able to improve the object, rather than make it worse... or even break. It turns out that the beginning of the game is better to save stones and buy them for the players have improved things than to risk yourself.


At high levels, the items will have to be improved in a special Chaos Machine (Chaos Machine) using different gems and some other necessary ingredient. This is quite an interesting activity, because you never know for sure, the thing will improve or disappear altogether in case of failure. In General, the occupation is not for the faint of heart.

Character development

The system of development of the player in MU Online as a whole classic for the genre of RPG - and MMORPG-games. You gain experience for killing monsters and completing various quests. Each level requires a little more experience than the previous one. Getting levels, you earn points for distribution on the main parameters. By increasing these parameters, you become stronger and more skilled in battle, get the opportunity to wear the best weapons, use new skills and spells.


In a multiplayer universe, relationships between players play an important role. In addition to the previously mentioned opportunity to fight with each other, there are more civilized ways to communicate with each other. In Mu Online well-developed trade and exchange. You can at any time drop by the Bazaar of Davias and bargain there with other players. Also players can create guilds (guilds), and guilds – unite in alliances (alliance)! Guild leaders can declare war on each other or resolve conflicts peacefully – a game of football.


Adventures and quests

The mere typesetting experience can quickly become bored. But in MU Online you will not be bored! The game has a large number of quests (quests), tasks that are not so easy to perform. But, having coped with the task, you will get a good reward and a lot of impressions. Moreover, almost all of these adventures are designed for team playthrough. Organize a team where each player, each race, has a certain place. Think of a strategy and fight!


Help the wounded Archangel get into the blood Castle with an endless bridge and a crystal statue to get and return the sacred weapon to him.

Fight on devil's square (Devil's Square) with hordes of monsters and prove that no one can defeat the heroes of the continent MU.

Who can resist on the roof of the castle of chaos (Chaos Castle), fighting with their reflections?!


Only one Guild with its Alliance will be able to capture and own the only one on the entire server Mu Online huge castle (Castle Siege), occupying the whole location, and the surrounding hunting grounds. But to capture – a little. We need to keep him still. Those who wish to receive such a prize are constantly besieging the castle walls!

Protect the land of MU and the magical wolf statue (Crywolf) from the invasion of monsters! You can not retreat, otherwise the whole game world will be subjected to the oppression of evil forces.

Fight horrible creatures tehnomagicheskih lost the race in the lost city Counter (Kant EN).

As well as many other adventures and events are waiting for you in the magical world of Mu Online.

System requirements

Pentium III 500 MHz, 512MB RAM, 16MB Video, DirectX 8.1

Pentium 4, 1Gb RAM, 64MB Video, DirectX 9.0

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP / Vista.

Traffic: from 0.5 to 1.5 MB per hour of play.