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To craft 4 wings, you will need a Garuda Feather and a Garuda Flame.

How to get the Garuda Feather??? See below!!!

You will need a level 3 wing

10 Jewel of Bless

10 Jewel of Soul

1 Jewel of Chaosм

Ancient item +9~15, +4min Option

Success rate 60%

How to get the Garuda Flamer???

Garuda Flamer:drops from all monsters in the location Scotch Canyon (Drop chance 20%)

Craft 4 wings you will need

Garuda Flamer

Garuda Feather

30 Jewel of Bless

30 Jewel of Soul

1 Jewel of Chaosм

Exce.Item +9~15 +4min Option

Success rate 60%


Avatar Wings(Blade Master)                                        Control Cloak(Lord Emperor)                                   Orb Wings(High Elf)


 Heavenly Wings(Grand Master)                                       Fall Wings(Duel Master)


Referre Cloak(First Master)                                        The Wings(Dimension Master)